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Life is what happens when you are making plans and while time ticks away, we chase the ultimate dream of getting the most out of life which leaves us stressed. Take time to stop and do nothing and notice the world around you.

We find inspiration from our North African countries. We adapt their ancient traditions and customs and it is our passion to turn everyday routines into more meaningful rituals.

Africa’s ancient beauty secrets are finally coming into the fore. Even though the continent produces some of the world’s most beneficial & unrivalled organic and natural ingredients for natural skin and hair care, its own ancient tribal traditions have been largely ignored. Until now.

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Awesome! awesome!! awesome!!!

We had a day ticket and full body spas with halawa, dilka and henna.

I absolutely enjoyed my facial scrub, it was invigorating and relaxing. I did not use any makeup for a whole week; my face absolutely glowed and was so fresh, even colleagues at work asked for referrals.

Dilka - Full body scrub

Try the Dukhan….heavenly scents. It is a treatment both for the senses of touch and smell.

Milk Bath

Service was superb. My skin felt so smooth and glowed for weeks. The ambient was so relaxing. We were pampered from arrival until departure. The after sales service was mind-blowing, with a hand written note and a fun gift.

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