Dilka - Full body scrub


This is a full body scrub using different all natural products like potatoes and rice to make your skin look fresh and radiant. You skin will be exfoliated, soft and glowing. Kanuri and Shuwa Arab women have long since used potatoes in their DIY body scrubs. Potatoes contain enzymes that deal with hyperpigmentation. They are also rich in vitamins B &C, potassium, zinc and other minerals that keep the skin smooth. Dilka is made up of the skin of oranges, turmus and vegetables like potato, carrots and hilba. they clean and remove dry skin.




Awesome! awesome!! awesome!!!

We had a day ticket and full body spas with halawa, dilka and henna.

I absolutely enjoyed my facial scrub, it was invigorating and relaxing. I did not use any makeup for a whole week; my face absolutely glowed and was so fresh, even colleagues at work asked for referrals.

Dilka - Full body scrub

Try the Dukhan….heavenly scents. It is a treatment both for the senses of touch and smell.

Milk Bath

Service was superb. My skin felt so smooth and glowed for weeks. The ambient was so relaxing. We were pampered from arrival until departure. The after sales service was mind-blowing, with a hand written note and a fun gift.

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